Janey Argyle

Janey Argyle is a retired teacher living in the beautiful St. George area. She is a member of multiple local and international quilt guilds. When not quilting or mentoring other quilters, she volunteers at the St. George Art Museum.

A fascination for nature and a desire to explore and see things in a new and different way are the most influential tools for her art work. She likes to explore ways to make light and color give motion to the subject of her work. Much of the art work is accomplished by thread painting using over 30 different colors. Embellishments and fibers of all types can be found in the pieces, each used to give a special nuance. Preferably they are items from nature used in an unexpected way.

Any art piece is better if multiple emotions and senses can be stimulated. All of her work is an attempt to accomplish this in some manner even with humor if possible. Hopefully each piece is an invitation to use the imagination to hear and smell the setting and bring soothing senses to the soul.

She has won a number of awards and recognitions for her use of color and uniqueness of work.