Rosemary Hargrove

Rosemary Hargrove cannot remember when she didn’t have a needle in her hand. At a very young age she loved to embroider by hand, especially pillowcases, hand towels and baby bibs. Rosemary made trunks full of doll cloths. In elementary school she first learned to make simple garments and sewn projects in 4-H.

By high school she was making most of her own clothes including coats and prom gowns. In college, she studied nursing and after graduation, pursued it as a career for some years. The love of sewing and creating was rekindled when she had two daughters. While living in the south, she became heavily involved in heirloom sewing, smocking, French Hand Sewing and other needle arts.

In the early 1980s she became frustrated not being able to find fabrics and supplies for her specialty sewing. She finally opened her own fabric store and sewing machine dealership, which she ran for 22 years. Fabrics, especially natural fibers, fine cottons, silks and linens, are her passions. Rosemary’s training in pattern drafting and couture sewing has taken her to develop couture pieces of numerous types from tailored garments to wedding gowns. Rosemary has taught sewing of all kinds to people from all walks of life for over 30 years.

After retiring and moving to Southern Utah and no longer needing a professional wardrobe, she began art quilting. Still fabric and fiber are of the utmost importance. Her understanding of fabrics has allowed her to expand on the traditional in her art pieces.