Painted Hills Fiber Artists

The Painted Hills Fiber Artists (PHFA) is a group of seven art-loving quilt makers that came together to enable each others talents and elevate their art form to new levels. They chose their name to honor the sun-reflecting coral hills where they reside. It also expresses their objective to create beautiful fiber artwork (“Art Quilts”) using various types of fibers, fabrics, threads, and other materials that result in a unique type of art that many viewers may have not experienced. ¬†Use of a wide range of materials, sewing techniques, coloring, inking, dyeing and even hand painting to create their special brand of art.

Together, the group critiques each others work, encourage one another, and work to solve technical problems in a positive supportive manner. Essential to this process is respecting and retaining their individuality. Each member has strong unique styles and talents. Their goal is to exhibit their work and give the public the opportunity to enjoy this very unusual art form.

  • Sue Gilgen

  • Carroll Lee Stolz

  • Rosemary Hargrove

  • Janey Argyle

  • Karen Andrus

  • Charlotte Purcell Gary

  • Cathie Purdy