A Creation From Start To Finish

The Painted Hills girls each use many techniques to achieve their fiber art. ¬†Here is the story of one piece from the beginning idea to the finished product. ¬† This photo journal is of one of Charlotte Purcell Gary’s pieces, called, “Aspen #1”.

1. Charlotte is a watercolor artist as well as a fiber artist. This piece began life on paper as a watercolor painting, finished with soft pastels. It is the artist’s preference to make a watercolor painting before beginning to cut fabric.
2. The piece is layered on a yellow cotton fabric back, topped with quilt batting (70% cotton / 30% polyester). Next, sprinkles of finely cut cotton “confetti”, in the color palette which the artist needs to use for the background. The batting somewhat ‘grabs’ the tiny pieces of cotton fabric. This creates a painterly layer of color as the backdrop for the trees. The confetti is then held into place with a layer of tulle netting. which also allows the piece to be moved and handled for the addition of further elements and to be stitched.
3. Next step is to pin on the tree trunks which have been cut from strips of lighter colored fabric.
4. Charlotte quilts around the tree trunks and does background quilting to hold the confetti in place under the tulle.
5. This view helps you see the dimensions that are created by the surface quilting. The tree trunks “pop up” from the surface, while the background is held down with stitching.
6. The piece is nearly finished after adding some details to the tree trunks using inks and paints.
7. “Aspen #1” is now bound and blocked, making the first in this series finished.

Beautiful! Thank you, Charlotte, for sharing your technique with us. We look forward to seeing the other pieces in this series as they develop.

Keep an eye out for future articles in this “Studio Snippets” tab. We will show Charlotte’s creations in photo journals as her pieces develop. Also, we will feature other PHFA artists’ techniques in similar photo journals.