A Guest Artist

The Painted Hills Fiber Artists  members were delighted to hosted a guest artist. He is Honor Alo, age 10. Honor is Carroll Lee’s grandson and seems to have inherited an artistic gene.

Since Honor works with spray paints, he needs to work during mild weather days. The summer temps here in southern Utah often reach well over 100 degrees.  Too hot and the spray paints dry to fast for manipulation, and too cool, the paints coagulate too quickly, also causing problems.

Honor does not have access to a well-ventilated studio, so he does his work outside. We were delighted the weather offered a mild day when our guest performed his demonstration.

He demonstrated his skills with spray paints.  Honor does beautiful work with layering spray paints, masking and scraping. The beautiful piece he produced during his demonstration was won in a drawing by Charlotte. It was most appropriate that Charlotte won the piece which depicted a surreal city scape with huge planetary elements, as Charlotte and her husband are students of Astronomy! She proudly displays the piece in her own studio, and Honor says he is “Honored Honor”.