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Image of CrayonsThe PHFA Girls have been all a-twitter over crayons! Yes, Crayons! Cathie Purdy (aka Dayzee) ordered some water-soluble crayons on line and began playing with them. She introduced the product to the other PHFA’s at our March, 2014 meeting. The girls immediately whipped out a computer and ordered sets of the wonderful color sticks right then and there. Since then, we have been “playing” with them.

Below are some shots of experiments. Carroll Lee decided to do a small sampler. Her piece is a landscape incorporating sky, mountains and water. After scrubbing the crayons onto fabric, she used various sizes of paint brushes (the cheap kind) and water to bleed the colors. After drying, she heat set it with an iron and added more layers of coloring. The hand on it remains soft and pliable. She layered it with backing, two layers of quilt batting, (70%/30% on the bottom, and 80%/20% just under the fabric image), and quilted it. Quilting it was an experiment to see if any of the pigment would smudge during handling. It did not!! Yippee!

The PHFA group seems to be unanimous in the thinking the water-soluble crayons will be a new tool for future pieces!