Cathie Purdy Exhibits “Fifty” at Art & Antique Car Show

Cathie Purdy with her Quilt "Fifty"
Cathie Purdy with her Quilt “Fifty”

“Fifty” is the name of the quilt! Cathie made the quilt to honor her husband and his very-dear-to-his-heart beautiful, antique 1950 Chevy. If one peers closer at the quilt, he/she would see a fabric photo of Jim Purdy driving the car! Cathie (aka Dayzee) said she was doubly happy she made the quilt for her husband after the car was stolen!! Yes, STOLEN! Jim and Cathie hauled “Fifty” in an enclosed trailer behind Jim’s pick-up truck to an Antique Car Show in California. After the car had been exhibited, and the couple was checking out of their hotel to drive back to Utah, the pick-up, enclosed trailer and antique car were gone. Just gone. What a shocker! Some thief or thieves absconded the three pieces. After several days, authorities found the trailer and pick-up, both with quite a bit of damage. But, all the contents were gone. As it turns out, the quilt and some photos are all Jim and Cathie now have of their dearly beloved 1950 Chevy.

After returning to Utah, Cathie was invited to exhibit the quilt at a wonderful art and car show at the DiFiori Center for the Arts in May, 2014. The DiFiori Center is a venue with a wonderful outdoor area where the antique cars were exhibited. Inside, art of various mediums were on display. Her quilt was the only piece of fiber art. It added a graceful element of warm ambiance to the show, and was admired by art lovers as well as all those antique car devotees.

After the heartbreaking pinch of the actual vehicle, being featured at the art show was a real lift to spirits nearly broken. Congratulations, Dayzee !

Fifty Car by Cathie Purdy
Fifty Car by Cathie Purdy