Our Dear Photographer

Robert Lefkow

The girls of the Painted Hills Fiber Artists continually pinch themselves at their good fortune to be associated, and work with one of the finest landscape photographers in the American Southwest. He is Mr. Robert Lefkow,

Robert is the eighth (honorary capacity) and only male member of our group of artists.  You can see his picture in the photo of our group on the homepage of this website. You’ll recognize him right away….  He is the very tall one with the short hair.

When the PHFA group first formed, Janey asked a different photographer, (whose name shall remain anonymous), if he would consider allowing our group to interpret some of his photography into fiber art. He wanted nothing to do with the idea and gave her a resounding “no”. Janey then approached Robert with the same idea and, without hesitation, Robert invited all seven PHFA members into his studio and allowed free reign to pick any of his pieces to interpret however we saw fit. His kind and sincere generosity led to an exhibit fondly and appropriately called, “Photo-to-Fiber”.  (More about the Photo-to-Fiber exhibit is discussed in further articles on this website). Besides being our springboard for the very interesting Photo-to-Fiber show, Robert generously photographs our work for other professional purposes that a fiber artists encounter. We love his work, we love our relationship with him….  Oh heck…  we just love him !!

This page is dedicated to our cherished Robert Lefkow.  Here is a bit of his biography:

Born in New York, far, far away from the beautiful landscape of the painted desert hills in Utah, Robert worked as an engineer until he discovered the West in the early 1990’s.  Once he experienced the assortment of shapes, colors and textures f the Colorado Plateau, he relocated to St. George, Utah and set to work at improving his photographic techniques in an attempt to capture and share his stunning surroundings.

Robert’s goal is to create unique images that, hopefully, capture some of the magic of the canyon country and desert southwest. He tends to concentrate on smaller portions of the big landscap, such as slot canyon, rock formations, abstract patters and Native American imagery.

Mr. Lefkow says, “Most of my free time is spent searching out new and exciting places to photograph. My interest in early American culturers has led me to explore remote canyons, cliff dwellings and rock art. The Colorado Plateau is so varied that my calendar is booked for the next 100 years.  I look forward to the adventure and the chance to continue my photographic journey through this amazing landscape.”

Robert has won many awards, including the following:

  •  Grand Prize at Zion Centennial Photography Exhibit.
  • Second Place at Iron County Fall Foliage Contest.
  • Grand Prize at St. George (Utah) Audubon Society Photo Contest.
  • Best of Show and Judges Choice at the Washington County (Utah) Fair.
  • First Place in Photography at the St. George (Utah) Art-in-the-Park Festival.
  • Third Place at the St. George (Utah) Art Museum Regional Show.
  • Best of Show (3 times), People’s Choice and Best Black-and-White Photograph at the Zion’s Staircase Gallery in St. George, Utah.

Robert uses a Canon 5D MKII digital camera and Epson and Lightjet printers. All photographs are printed on archival paper and mounted with acid-free mates.

To see some of Robert’s work, please go to his website: sandstoneimages.com or for information, call 435.414.3939.