Painted Hills Fiber Artists Challenge

The PHFA Challenge quilts all are so different. During their creation, each artists did not divulge the piece to one another. It was quite a surprise upon the great reveal, to find that four of the seven pieces were  sea themes. This was especially astounding since we all live right smack in the middle of the desert !!

Each of the seven members contributed fabric that she had manipulated in some way. Then, each fabric was shared with the other PHFA members. The challenge was that each member had to design and make a quilted piece incorporating all seven fabrics.

  • Rosemary Hargrove “Jacobean”

  • Karen Andrus "Serendipity”

  • Sue Gilgen “Lux Aurumque”

  • Charlotte Purcell Gary “Three Fish”

  • Cathie “Dayzee” Purdy

  • Janey Argyle “Your Walk Through Life”