Narrows Glow

Upon seeing Robert’s photo of the Narrows, Karen was enchanted with the play of light against dark, the highlights in the water, the beginning of the trees turning in autumn, the beauty of this serene-looking setting, along with the tall majestic cliffs, and the sharpness of the rocks along the path, continuing into the water. That very water became a challenge to create. After several tries with different fabrics and fibers, Karen came to the conclusion that the only way to create the water was to paint it, which achieved the glow you see in her work. Looking at this quilt, a viewer cannot help but feel a sense of calm and beauty.

Image of Narrows Glow by Robert Lefkow
Narrows Glow by Robert Lefkow
This quilt was inspired by Robert Lefkow’s photo, Narrows Glow. Robert has been to the Narrows at least a hundred times, but the reflection of the sun that day was something that he had never seen before. It is unique in his photographs that usually highlight the sun warming canyon walls. He is glad that his unique image was able to inspire Karen to create this magnificent quilt.