Temple of Sinawava

This autumnal vision of rugged southwest landscape has all the elements a fiber artist could hope for. The challenge was to capture the feeling of sunlight bouncing off rock and water and colorful foliage. It represents so much of what Sue loves about Zion with its extreme textures and colors. Sue use hand dyed and batik fabrics to create landscapes as they are most likely to have a measure of light or luminosity that I find essential. Placing them in the perfect position to make a difference is the key.

Image of Sinawava Falls by Robert Lefkow
Sinawava Falls by Robert Lefkow

Sue’s work was inspired by this photograph by Robert Lefkow. It is the start of the river walk leading to the Zion Narrows. This shot combines three of his favorite subjects; desert waterfalls, fall colors, and glowing canyon walls. Robert describes Sue’s ability to capture detail in trees and fall colors as “spectacular.”

“No Spring nor Summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”
John Donne Elegy 1X: THE AUTUMNAL