Watchman by Sue Gilgen

The Watchman

Like the God of the Old Testament “Watching over Israel” the watchman stands as sentinel to the magnificent Zion National Park. Again inspired by photos, this landmark has been widely imaged in many mediums. While this photograph is an artistic masterpiece by itself, the scene also begged to be done in fiber.

Using fiber as an artist uses paint is challenging. Carefully chosen fabrics, along with additional dyeing and painting help create the needed colors and patterns. The idea of adding dimension in the quilting process is exciting. I love the flexibility of the fiber medium and especially appreciate the quilting phase with the miracle of thread painting.

It has not been easy to make the artistic transition from the forests of Wisconsin and the East, to the red rocks of Southern Utah. I am, however, in love with the majestic beauty of this area and am determined to represent it through my fiber art. I have learned a lot as I struggled to capture the chiseled rocks, gnarly trees, and red dirt all refreshed by the virgin river and the blue sky. This new combination of elements is, for me, a satisfying challenge.

Zion National Park, Utah
44” H x 24’W

Value: $3000.00
Photo accompanied